The Inner Deep Dive Workshop  

Modify Your Mindset for Long-Term Success

Do you worry that your achievements in life don’t match your ability?

Is there something holding you back from greatness?

Perhaps you’re an ambitious executive who can’t quite seem to reach the very top. Or maybe you’ve identified a gap between where you are and where you think you should be.

Taking that all-important next step in life might seem like an insurmountable challenge. You’ve done pretty well in life, but you always seem to fall short when it comes to maximizing your potential.

The answers and strength you’re looking for to take the next step or already within you. And we can help you to tap into them.

Ask Yourself a Few Questions


  • Do you want to enjoy the happiness and satisfaction that comes from maximizing your potential?
  • Do you always seem to fall slightly short when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams?
  • Do you want to find harmony between your beliefs and your mindset for peace of mind?
  • Do you want to achieve the perfect balance between your work life and your private life?
  • Do you want to know what’s been holding you back from achieving greatness in your life?
  • Are you determined to finally reach your potential and fulfil your personal and professional dreams?
  • And do you want to break free from the constant burden generated by the pressure to achieve?
  • If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, the Mindset and Performance online course is what you need to take the final step to success.

I’ll Help You to Free Your Mind and Achieve Your Ambitions

Hi, my name is Eefke Bodt, and I use the principles of neuroplasticity to help people achieve their true potential.

Neuroplasticity is a proven scientific reality that explores the brain’s ability to form new neural connections to change mindsets and beliefs. I can help you use this process to tap into the potential that already exists within you.

If you’re still reading, you’re one of the tiny fraction of driven, highly motivated people who will stop at nothing to fulfil their potential. So congratulations — you’re in the 1% club.

But knowing you have enormous potential and not being able to unleash it can be frustrating and demoralizing.

You know you are destined for greatness, you just need to be shown the path.
Welcome to the Mindset and Performance online course. I’ll take you on a journey of personal discovery — and help you to unlock the greatness that lies within you.

But I won’t give you new skills or motivation — they’re already within you. My job is to show you the path to fulfilling your potential and achieving your ambitions.

Welcome to The Inner Deep Dive Workshop


The Inner Deep Dive Workshop is all about developing a resilient mind in the face of adversity and changing circumstances. I’ll help you overcome the mental blocks that can be overwhelming to achieve your most cherished goals and ambitions.

Once you’ve completed my course, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to move forward in life. I’ll show you how to use self-directed neuroplasticity to perform with increased vigour, tenacity and focus.

The great thing about my approach to changing your mindset is that you can modify and adapt your learnings to other areas of your life.

The mindset you need for success is already there. But you may not be able to access it when you need it most. That’s why I designed this online course. I wanted to provide a step-by-step guide to accessing the mindset required for potential fulfilment.

I’ll teach you the framework required to go from a dreamer to an achiever. And I’ll do it by showing you some tried-and-tested mind hacks.

Be Self Aware
What are the areas of your life that are holding you back? I’ll show you how to identify your weaknesses and be honest about them. After all, that’s the only way you’ll ever be able to address them.
Identify Your Core Values
Whether you know it or not, you have intrinsic core values — and you must understand them in order to use them to your advantage. Together, we’ll identify those values and beliefs.
Improve Your Thought Processes
Developing the right mindset for success means letting go of old, dysfunctional thought processes that limit your beliefs.
Boost Your Confidence
Confidence is the key to achieving your ambitions. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can never reach your potential. I’ll provide you with various confidence-building hacks and improve your emotional intelligence.
Set Goals You Can Achieve
If you engage both your conscious and subconscious mind, you can train yourself to set achievable goals — I’ll show you how.
Change Your Overall Mindset for Success
Staying focused on your goal, committed in the face of setbacks and motivated when things don’t go your way are all crucial factors in unlocking your potential. I’ll teach you how to use these beliefs and mindsets to achieve your dreams.
Improve Your Communication Skills
Productive, honest and compassionate relationships are essential for long-term professional success. You can’t do this alone. I’ll show you have to develop effective relationships through effective communication.
Love Yourself
Your road to self-fulfilment begins with yourself. Learn to love yourself, and the confidence will flow from you.
Achieve the Perfect Work-Life Balance
You can’t have one without the other. You can’t find the energy and motivation for professional success without success in your private life. I’ll teach you the coping mechanisms you need for success.

Why Is Accessing the Right Mindset So Important?


Why are so many people stuck in professions or jobs they don’t like? In many cases, it’s down to mindset. Some people put up with unfulfilling careers because they lack the confidence or motivation to chase their dreams.

A lot of people lose their way when transitioning from education to work. All too often, practical thinking takes over, and we settle for steady and safe. And before they know it, those people have all the wrong goals and ambitions.

Many of us end up doing what others expect us today. We “fall into” careers or professions instead of seeking them out.

Sadly, too many people realize their mistakes when they’re much older. They realize they’ve wasted too much time on simply existing.

Some of us have millions of ideas or vague ambitions. But because we lack clarity and focus, we don’t know how to take the next step. And we don’t know how to prioritize.

Too many people put bills and job titles before personal development and ambition. To-do lists become more important than goal-setting.

And it’s not their fault. And it’s not your fault, either. If you’ve lost your way on the path to personal fulfilment, it’s probably because you haven’t had the right tools and resources at your disposal.

You haven’t had the right mindset.

I’m here to change all that. I’m here to change your beliefs and your mindset so you can finally fulfil your true potential.

My course will teach you how to completely transform the way you think and live. Together, we’ll develop your mindset for personal growth. And the effects will have a life-changing impact on both your mind and your body.

The Inner Dive Workshop Course Structure


My online course includes videos and a range of practical exercises.

I’ll guide you through each step of the process slowly, so you can learn how to explore your own mindset — and change it.

Together, we’ll take the journey to a different, more ambition-driven mindset through five modules:

Module One — Clarity and Self-Awareness

I’ll show you how to develop clarity over your life. What’s helping you, and what’s holding you back? This involves helping you to uncover the truth about your intrinsic core values.

From there, we’ll explore your purpose in life. What is guiding your decision-making on a subconscious level? Once we know that, we can begin to make changes for personal development and long-term success.

Module Two — Improve Your Mindset

I’ll teach you how to approach tasks and goals. Together, we’ll instil belief and confidence in your overall mindset.

Let Go of Old Ways of Thinking
What is driving your decisions and thinking processes? And are these ways of thinking holding you back? If they are, I’ll show you how to let go of them — and make space for new, more productive thought processes.

Develop a Growth Mindset
Stop thinking about the limits placed on you from the outside world and your own subconscious. And start thinking how you can grow as an individual. I’ll show you how to overcome setbacks and criticism for personal growth.

Module Three — Setting Achievable Goals

I have developed a specific way of setting goals, and I want to share it with you. I’ll show you how to set measurable and achievable goals with personal growth at their heart. By aligning your goals with your core beliefs, you can fulfil your potential AND your ambitions.

Structured Thinking
The most successful people in this world have developed a structured way of thinking over time. I’ll teach you how to use this approach to remain committed and focused in your search for success.

The Difference Between Goals and Systems
I’ll show you how to use systems for planning your success. You’ll be able to break down your goals into achievable milestones – keeping you motivated and developing new thought-process habits.

Module Four — Emotional Intelligence

I’ll teach you how to channel your emotional energy, passion and relationships for personal growth and success.

The journey to emotional intelligence begins with self-awareness. Empathy, self-awareness, motivation, confidence and social skills all play an important part in the journey to increased emotional intelligence.

Communicate More Effectively
By improving your communication skills, you can build relationships, develop a network of help and support and learn to deal with conflict more effectively. Peaceful environments and mutually respectful relationships are borne from better communication skills.

Module Five — Self-Optimization

Certain tools can help you in your quest for self-fulfilment and achievement. I’ll teach you some valuable skills — all aimed at improving your positive energy levels and emotional responses.

I’ll teach you how to assess and make sense of your performance. By being honest and clear about your performance, you can make the necessary changes.

Stay Focused
Staying focused in the midst of changing situations and setbacks isn’t easy. And a loss of focus can lead to a loss of ambition and confidence. I’ll show you how to focus during the most challenging of scenarios.

The Ultimate Goals of This Course

If you know that you’re not on the right track in life, I can help. Whether you’re stuck in the wrong profession or you haven’t hit the heights you know you’re capable of, this course is for you.

Once you’ve completed The Inner Deep Dive Workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Overcome the most difficult of obstacles
  • Perform at your highest level during even the most challenging of circumstances
  • Achieve your ambitions
  • Maximize your potential

What you need to succeed is already within you. It’s my job to unlock it.

Included in The Inner Deep Dive Workshop

Once you’ve signed up for my Mindset and Performance course, you’ll receive a range of resources, reference materials and benefits.

Online e-Coaching Seminars

You’ll be invited to a series of online video workshops and seminars designed to modify your mindset and set you on the pathway to success. We provide the mindset hacks – you provide the will to succeed!

Detailed Summaries of Each Course Topic

You’ll be given access to a range of videos to guide you on your learning journey. This is how I’ll introduce you to the various learning modules you’ll be expected to complete.

Membership of Our Exclusive Facebook Community

We love to share ideas and thoughts about the mindset development process and our personal journeys. We invite you to become a member of our unique community. And you’ll be able to take advantage of a few extra bonus features:

Identify Negative Psychological Triggers
Learn coping mechanisms for dealing with negative psychological triggers. We’ll give you the tools to identify these triggers before they take over — and then change your mindset accordingly.

Become a Brain Ninja
We’ll teach you a few tricks to help you stay calm, focused and committed during periods of intense pressure. There’s an art to diverting your attention away from negative thoughts and turning these situations into opportunities. We’ll show you how.


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How Long Does This Course Take?

Keep in mind that everything you are learning can be applied to your life immediately so you will find yourself integrating these principles into your daily life rather than having to set aside separate time for them.

I would recommend 1 to 2 hours per module for the coursework

Is This Just Another Pseudoscience Thing?

Absolutely not! I have harnessed the science of neuroplasticity to create a course aimed at people who need a helping hand in fulfilling their potential and achieving their ambitions.

Do You Offer Refunds?
Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds, as this is a unique, online-based course that’s packed with premium digital content. But we’re confident the low price you pay for this course will be worth it when you’re able to change your mindset and beliefs for personal fulfilment
Do I recieve personal support through the workshop /course?
Yes, you can ad your questions in our Facebook group. You get a bonus. That’s a Free 45 minute coach session with Eefke.
I have more questions...
Great – send an email to and we’ll get back to you straight away.