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What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop

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Three principles for success

Your success mainly depends on three important factors: focus, creativity and confidence. In this free workshop you’ll learn how focus and directed actions bring you closer to your goals. Moreover, you’ll discover how creativity and purpose lead to permanent intrinsic motivation.

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Three barriers to success

Stress, indecisiveness and judgements are the biggest stumbling blocks on your road to success. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to deal with negative emotions to prevent health issues and eternal doubts from arising. Embrace creativity and open yourself up for suggestions to overcome these obstacles.

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Condition your emotions

On a more practical level, you’ll learn how to control your mind and emotions through breathing and body posture. By means of a few other exercises we’ll clear up some emotional space by letting go off obsolete habits and disruptive past emotions.

What others say

I can’t explain the transition I’ve gone through during my work with Eefke. I heard her on a podcast, followed her Facebook group, watched a few fb lives and knew that I needed to work with her. My goal to establish a business platform and launch myself from there was hijacked by a weekly uncovering of deeper issues that were blocking my success. Without hesitation, Eefke would help me understand what was happening and through my own tears, I could see the reality on the other side of the confusion. Eefke’s connection with the brain and understanding of the subconscious is a treasure trove of insight that everyone should be aware of. Now as I’m working through things, I understand what’s happening, how to shift my thinking and how to retrain my brain to work with me. I came away with far more than I every expected because I took responsibility for my experiences. I bought a transitional investment in me that will benefit my future success."

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About the Host

My name is Eefke, and my “NAP Enhancement System” for releasing trauma, stress, and anxiety is considered legendary among my clients and peers. With NAP, I show you how to succeed in both life and business in ways you could never have imagined.

I am the go-to teacher for individuals looking to leave their stress, anxiety, and negative emotions behind and live the life they’ve only dreamed about. I work with businesses and individuals who understand that taking control of their destiny is a viable option and not a pipe dream.

My signature systems are built around Neuro-Autonomic Plasticity to quickly and easily release trauma, stress, anxiety, and more by re-establishing connection and flow between the body, mind and emotions. I am on a mission to change my clients’ emotional and physical state – permanently ridding their minds of harmful weeds through NAP enhancement sessions.

I am the specialist in taking command of the brain, smashing inner limitations and gaining access to the true potential within.