Breakthrough Retreat
1 Entire week out of your comfort zone for maximum results
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The most exclusive way to receive 1-on-1 coaching from mental coach Eefke Bodt. Learning, growing and shifting in unique resorts in Tibet and Bali, among others. Embark on the journey of a lifetime in a luxurious private retreat for body and mind.

No ordinary retreat

When you think of a ‘retreat’ you perhaps think of relaxing with green juices, yoga, and waking up with the morning sun. Think again. Because when all you do is press the Pause button, nothing changes. So that’s not how we’re going to do it.

We press the Start button instead. And you are going to actively look for what has kept you from feeling 100% free up to now. You don’t shy away from fears and negative beliefs – you look at them. Right in the eyes. Right in the eyes.

I literally challenge you to confront yourself. Only then will you gain insight into what is holding you back. Only then can you really change.

Having trouble being alone? I dare you to spend a night alone in the jungle.

Are heights not a big deal to you? Then I know a bridge that will catch your breath in your throat.

Right through all your conditionings

You break right through the conditionings that have been bothering you all your life. You will go through major transformations. Nerve-wracking? Certainly.

But the reward is great: deep confidence in yourself that will stay with you forever. Moreover, you are not doing this alone. I’m right next to you and I’m here for you from start to finish.

The Breakthrough Retreat changes your life profoundly. You get to know yourself inside and out. I can already promise you that you will never want to lose the intense love that you experience. And you don’t have to. Once you’ve recognized and embraced your potential, the world is your oyster. And you can do and achieve anything – whatever you want.

Why this way?

  • Your fears and inner obstacles will come up much easier when you are not in a safe and comfortable situation.
  • You will not get stuck into old patterns and that’s why we can make sure we establish permanent change.
  • In this setting you will be able to see much clearer and feel what happens to you how you react to different situations.
  • I stand next to you and guide you in the moment to a new and different way of reacting than you are used to, that’s going to bring you much more.
  • You create new ways in your brain and because you train in real life it will become easier to choose for behaviour that does work for you in daily life.a

The Breakthrough Retreat is an unforgettable journey. The beginning of a new life. A life in which you are going to do what you have been wishing for so long. Because you now know and feel exactly what you want and your subconscious is no longer in the way.

Prepare for your Breakthrough Retreat

Want to know more? Please feel free to contact me. Then we can talk and you can tell me about your current situations, where you want to go, and where you get stuck.

The Breakthrough Retreat is not child’s play. It is a very intense inner journey into yourself. And it may be that the retreat is too challenging for you at the moment. Your input helps me to assess whether this trip is really beneficial for you at the moment. Only if I think it will be valuable for you, that you will make major strides, will I offer you this retreat. You can rely on my wisdom and insight in this.

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