Thoughts, Feelings and Success

Repeat aloud the word ‘success’ several times, and notice how you feel. Depending on your mental and emotional makeup, and your mood of the moment, there are two possibilities. You might become inspired, happy and elated, or despondent, unhappy and bitter. In the latter case, you might start telling yourself how miserable you are, and that success is not for you.

This may sound strange, but thoughts about success can evoke negative feelings. People who have entertained negative thoughts and feelings most of their lives, expect failure and do not feel worthy of success. If they have experienced lack and hardships, they believe that success is not for them. In these cases, everything associated with success might evoke negative
Feelings. Your thoughts and feelings can draw or repel success. They shape your beliefs and expectations about success or failure.

Thoughts too often, come and go and change direction like the wind. They influence your mind the same way that the wind affects the direction of a flag. One moment the flag may be fluttering this way, and a moment later in a different direction. One moment you might be thinking one thing or see things from a certain viewpoint, and a moment later this can change. When your thoughts, feelings and moods become steady and under your control, your life also becomes under your control. You become the deciding factor, not the outside influences or passing moods.

In order to control your thoughts, feelings and moods and navigate your life, concentration and willpower need to be developed. Concentration and willpower constitute the steering wheel of your life, with which you can navigate the boat of your life toward success and achievement.

Your predominant, habitual thoughts and feelings determine whether you will achieve success or not, and whether you will feel satisfied upon realization or not. This means that you have to be more aware of your thoughts and feelings. It is important to learn to be more positive, less critical, and less worried. Then, when success is achieved, you can enjoy the happiness of achievement. Thoughts, attitudes and habits can be changed.

The change does not come overnight. Some inner work is necessary. Positive thoughts and feelings make you happier and more receptive to success, and a positive disposition bestows upon you the ability to enjoy success when it comes. Take it as a challenge, and pay more attention to your thoughts and feelings. Find out what kind of thoughts you think and what kind of feelings you usually experience in connection with them. If your thoughts and feelings are positive that’s okay. However, if you think and feel failure, unhappiness and dissatisfaction, then you need to do something about this.

Why is it that people desire success?

There is a desire for growth in each one of us. It is the cosmic desire for expression and expansion. This desire manifests in every form of life. We see it everywhere, even in a blade of grass, which can grow on a rock or on a wall. The desire for success is the inner natural desire for growth, expansion and expression.

What is success?

Success is the realization and achievement of plans, desires or intentions. It is the positive outcome of your actions. It could result in more money, a better job, better relationships, getting a desired object, finding the perfect spouse, attaining fame or power, and the realization of your dreams. Success is not confined to material objects. There is also a mental and a spiritual success, such as getting good grades at school, or making progress with self-improvement or spiritual growth.

It is not enough to seek only external success, such as money and possessions. Self-improvement, spiritual growth and inner peace are important too. Without them, you might be successful, but still feel a lack of happiness. People often think that success will bring them the happiness they seek. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. Happiness is more dependent on your attitude and inner life and not so much on external conditions. Learn how to use the power of thoughts and visualization to attain success.

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