The Wealthy Prince Story (And Your Path to Self Development)

It’s tough to battle negative voices while journeying to reach your dreams. But you mustn’t let others challenge your capacities. 

There’s something revolutionary that I picked up in my self-development quest! It’s something that is so raw, unique, and groundbreaking that I believe everyone should hear about it. This completely changed the way I perceive the world around me. And everyone who had the same experience began to notice tremendous shifts in their reality. When that happens to you, you’ll start to realize that the world around you is different. 

So what is this fantastic thing that triggers the shift? I’m not talking about physical change but a spiritual one. And some people claim that colors seemed brighter, the sky appeared bluer, and their food tasted better because of it. This article explores the fantastic thing that has an undefined power to change your world for the better. But before that, I’d like to tell a story to provide context for the revelation you can expect… 

The Wealthy Prince

A long time ago, there lived a prince who had it all. He enjoyed all the luxuries one could imagine and spared no expense to indulge in all that life has to offer.  But as the years went by, the prince realized something was missing… He wasn’t where he wanted to be despite all the riches and wealth. 

So, the prince decided to drop all the luxuries and started gathering teachers and sages from all around the world. He wanted them to help him solve this problem of feeling lost. 

Years went by, but the prince still hadn’t found the path he wanted to take. Therefore, he decided to give up everything and set out on the path of self-discovery himself. 

So, the prince left his palace, including all of his worldly possessions, and spent months alone on a mountain contemplating…Then, one day, while sitting atop the mountain, the prince experienced a fantastic sensation. The feelings inside him switched. Something had changed. Suddenly, he understood what brought the feeling of fulfillment and joy he had been seeking for so long. 

Amazed by this newfound sensation, the prince began to descend the mountain. As he did so, he passed some herders who stopped him and asked a lot of questions. They wanted to know how he survived, what he ate, and what he had done. But they were most intrigued by his strange presence. 

But the prince didn’t answer. He just moved along with a curious smile, so the herders followed him – the more the prince walked, the more people followed. They were drawn by the peaceful energy that glows from within him. After a while, the prince stopped and started talking about what he had learned atop the mountain. And it wasn’t long before his wisdom spread to distant lands. 

But when the prince walked into a village one day, a young man came rushing towards him, belittling his teachings and calling him a false prophet. The prince waited for the young man to finish babbling before asking him a question… “If you were to attend an event and you brought a present the host refused, to whom does this gift belong?” The young man shouted: “The gift belongs to me!” Then, the prince asked another question…“When you come here and present me with all your anger and problems, with whom does the anger stay when I choose not to accept it?”

What’s the Moral of the Story?

You may hear from your coaches that you’re dreaming too big. But the thing you’re dreaming about could be entirely feasible for you from the very start. So, keep dreaming if that’s what motivates you. As long as you’re moving closer to your ultimate goal, don’t stop. Keep moving towards your dreams. 

I know it can be hard to deal with demotivating comments from friends and family. But I want you to remember that only you know your own limitations.  That being said, it’s vital to surround yourself with two kinds of people.

  1. Those who believe in you
  2. Those who will point out your wrongdoings

Note that the second kind of person isn’t there to cut you down. Their words are there to keep you on the right track so that you can achieve what you want to achieve. 

You know, it saddens me to see people who have instilled counterproductive beliefs into themselves, especially as these wrongful beliefs weren’t internally generated. Let me give you an example to understand what I mean. 

A while back, I was working with an entrepreneur who was told that wanting money is welcoming evil into one’s home.Sounds ridiculous, right? Here’s a person doing everything to gain financial independence. And when they earn a substantial amount of money, there’s fear something miraculous will happen to take the money away. 

If you have similar feelings and thoughts, don’t worry. You aren’t to blame. But it’s your responsibility to do everything in your power to change the situation. How? It’s important to isolate yourself and channel all your attention on the data and signals that lead to your goal. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should resist criticism. Take the lessons that come from criticism and put aside everything that manifests from other people’s egos, limitations, and emotions. The point is that criticism is essential to your growth, be it destructive or constructive. And it will always exist around you, in one form or another. But the way you interpret criticism is what changes your life. 

Still, you must be sure about your capabilities and don’t allow others to convince you otherwise. When you achieve that mindset, it will be easier to differentiate the feedback that leads to progress from comments that are just demeaning. 

Learning to Reject

The moment you decide what’s truly possible, you’ll start channeling all your energy to reach a new level with each action you take. 

To do that, you need to deeply ingrain your beliefs into your soul. Thereon, you can tap into that to create your masterpiece and your vision of perfection. Afterward, your beliefs become a weapon to achieve a laser-like focus to fuel your motivation to get closer to your ultimate goal every day. 

However, you shouldn’t forget that your ability to reject feedback is infinitely more important than your ability to accept it. You have to keep an open mind to new, better, and more accessible choices. 

When you’re ready to take another step towards personal development, schedule a focus session here. Let’s get you started on gaining back your confidence, eliminating distractions, and maintaining focus on what matters.


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