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Amazing! I could never imagine that miracles exist! That I could get better self-esteem and also find my passion in life in just a few sessions.


Training and guidance by Coach Eefke has been a life-changing experience for me. Eefke has been helping me for a little over 6 months and in that time my life has changed for the better.

Before starting my training, I had dealt with a severe trauma from the past and was unable to define my spirituality. Eefke helped me dig myself out of that hole and ground my faith. While I still have a lot of work to do, I’m not sure where I would be without her guidance. I noticed positive changes in all aspects of my life; in my career, family and relationships, moving from an impossibly difficult place to where I am now is almost dreamlike.

Life will never be perfect and learning with Eefke is not some kind of magical secret that immediately solves everything. What this form of coaching offers, however, is the opportunity to unlock your true inner power. For someone who was truly lost, like myself, it has been a blessing. Whether you come from a place where you need a lot of work or just trying to hone your skills in the everyday world, Eefke can help you


With the help of hypnosis, I have improved my performance, which has resulted in that the company has increased. I have a clear direction and a focus that I have not had before.


Eefke gets my highest recommendation as a mentor and a coach. My recommendation comes from the fact that her inputs have been extremely and uniquely valuable to me. Her ability to understand, recognise and provide insightful yet practical suggestions have proved extremely beneficial and have helped me gain a new perspective into my thinking and actions. Eefke showed expertise, emotional intelligence, cheerful & connection oriented approach and honesty in sharing her views. Thank you, Eefke!


I was feeling blocked in my success and wasn’t sure what was in my way. I would have never mined out the specific memories without the help of Eefke. I felt renewed confidence immediately, and then over time noticed more clarity in what direction I wanted to go, and less hesitation when taking action.


Working with Eefke has changed my life. I am more peaceful, prosperous and patient (and happier) as a person than I’ve ever been and although I know I’m the one who ‘did the work’, Eefke is the guide – the missing puzzle piece in a sense – that my world has opened up in a way that is beautiful and incredible. I really can’t give a higher endorsement of her excellence. Without a doubt, I’m glad I found her.


I can’t explain the transition I’ve gone through during my work with Eefke. I heard her on a podcast, followed her Facebook group, watched a few fb lives and knew that I needed to work with her. My goal to establish a business platform and launch myself from there was hijacked by a weekly uncovering of deeper issues that were blocking my success. Without hesitation, Eefke would help me understand what was happening and through my own tears, I could see the reality on the other side of the confusion. Eefke’s connection with the brain and understanding of the subconscious is a treasure trove of insight that everyone should be aware of. Now as I’m working through things, I understand what’s happening, how to shift my thinking and how to retrain my brain to work with me.

I came away with far more than I every expected because I took responsibility for my experiences. I bought a transitional investment in me that will benefit my future success.


I knew I needed help to find the right direction and regain my zest for life. Many things in my life I had done well, but some quite confrontational and challenging setbacks, both external and internal, made me question my self-esteem. I was always tired and stuck in a vicious circle. Mentally and physically I was having a hard time, but I knew I was capable of so much more.

Then I found Eefke. She helped me find my way to clarity and to achieving my goals. I know I already had a lot of good answers in me, but I needed Eefke’s help to decipher and decode the way. I am now on the road, have found a new job and the motivation to be more active and eat healthy.

So far I have lost 11 kg and as I work towards my big goals, I celebrate the small victories along the way. Most importantly, I’m really happy inside and out now. I am motivated and positive and my family life has become so much more relaxed and enjoyable. Eefke, thanks for all the help and your great advice. My path looks rosy and full of adventures

Dan Johnson

Since working with Eefke I feel that this experience, which we call life, has become much more enriching and authentic. I am so grateful that I now have the tools to work with my emotional pain when it is activated. I also connected with my soul purpose and have been able to let go of situations and relationships that were toxic and no longer serving me. My overall well-being has increased and I have the courage to step into my power and feel the value of all the amazing things I so rightly deserve. This is a choice, and it is the most important choice I have ever made. Life still flows, but now I’m learning to flow with it instead of against it. I am forever grateful.

Lotte Bloem

I’ve always been afraid of making a fool of myself. With hypnosis I experienced how I successfully managed all possible situations. The discomfort to make a fool of myself disappeared completely after a few months and today I step into most situations with a good confidence.