See What Happens to Your Mind When You Use This Method to Unlock Your Subconscious

Why do so many people struggle to step into their power and drive the life that they dream of? Groundbreaking researcher Dr. Ellen Langer of Harvard University revealed a powerful insight when her research demonstrated that, as human beings, when we are in a stressed state we tend to make decisions based on two distinct things that will probably surprise you.

Either we choose a path based on what we believe our parents or authority figures would have done, or we do so based on what we believe today’s society would say we should do. Fascinatingly, without self-awareness, we can make these decisions with total confidence as if they were our own—whether they are in our best interests or not. We can become disconnected from our own beliefs and wishes. And this is only one example of how counterproductive conditioning and limiting beliefs can steer us off course!

Realizing that we aren’t aware of everything that influences our inner workings may seem daunting, but the good news is that pressing the reset button on the things that hold us back doesn’t require climbing a vast mountain. In fact, you don’t have to go far at all, because the answers already lie within you. Changing your trajectory and finally beginning to steer your own story begins with tapping into your subconscious, and my model, which draws upon what I call The “Three Cs” Synergy Pyramid, has been carefully crafted to help you do just that.

Through my work as a mindset coach, I’ve come to understand that establishing a firm foundation for creating your best life begins with claiming the stability of Control, Clarity, and Confidence. To help you build that pyramid, my model taps into the five levels of being: Spirituality, Energy, Mind, Emotions, and Physical Wellness. As a life coach, I light the way for countless people to create cohesive and systemic change, with a plethora of programs, lectures, private sessions, and master classes. But there’s no need to do everything at once; we can begin simply.

First, let’s dig a little deeper into why connecting to the subconscious is so critical and the science that makes this approach to personal coaching so effective.

Your Stories Hold the Key to Life

Our human minds are very much like sponges; particularly when we are young. The good comes in and the bad comes in as we soak everything up. Of course, this allows us to evolve and grow, but it can also forge beliefs and patterns of thinking that hold us back from fulfillment. We can have the most comfortable house, a wonderful family, a high-paying job—great credentials on paper—but still find that our hearts yearn for so much more. Appearances can be deceiving!

Vitally, when we learn that our limitations are rooted in conditioning, we begin to recognize that we are not broken, damaged, or flawed. We are simply operating based on subconscious beliefs that can be rewritten with the right toolkit.

I’ve already done a lot in terms of personal development, but am not getting anywhere in certain areas. How can I really transform on a subconscious level so that I can live with more confidence and energy?”

That kind of transformation may sound like an unreachable dream when you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. But rewriting conditioning is not something that can be done consciously—we cannot overpower these facets of our makeup with sheer willpower alone. The right strategies are essential.

So, ask yourself, do you suffer from stress on a regular basis? Do you long for inner peace, or find yourself suffering from limiting thoughts such as “I can’t do that”, “I’m not good enough”, or “I’m not worth it”? If so, it’s time to seek transformation on a subconscious level, removing the inner obstacles that are holding you back from your true potential.

A New Trajectory Starts With the Subconscious

Why the subconscious? Scientific research has shown that at least 95% of our behavior comes from our subconscious. This is where storied beliefs and emotions form, driven by our life experiences, that can be both helpful and sabotaging. When negative beliefs about your self-worth, value, and capacity become embedded, they can derail you without you even realizing. Crucially, my method makes it possible to communicate directly with your subconscious, changing your beliefs and releasing emotions that aren’t serving you as they should.

Feelings of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt can feel deeply destabilizing. So how can we regain the kind of stability that allows us to launch towards the life we desire? If you picture two feet on the ground, it’s easy to imagine the weight that they hold being toppled, but when a third is added, forming a tripod, the stability of that weight becomes far more resilient. This is echoed in what I call the “Three Cs”, critical to creating your own stable foundation.

Control is the most important ‘C’, and it’s something almost everyone yearns for. I’ve made control part of the base of my Synergy Pyramid because it’s the basis for all personal fulfillment and achievement, forming the structure that will support the ‘Cs’ that follow.

Clarity is vision; it’s knowing everything there is to know about yourself—good and bad. Once you have control over your beliefs, clarity follows, and with this essential element you can begin to make decisions based on your true goals and wishes.

Confidence is generated when control and clarity come together. This is the final part of my Synergy Triangle, and it’s the ‘C’ that can transform the way you think forever. With my personal coaching, you’ll be able to control and clarify your thoughts whenever stress strikes—giving you the confidence you need to succeed.

Mastering Your Story

I might be a mindset coach by title, but I’m a big advocate of the idea of ‘mind-flow’, rather than ‘mindset’. Why? Because the idea that our minds should be set to a certain place imposes limitations. In contrast, the idea that we can—with the right tools—become flexible is far more freeing! This is the very concept that Bruce Lee described when sharing how he achieved such phenomenal feats throughout his career.

Through my method, I not only help you refresh the limiting beliefs that have been misdirecting your decisions, but I also teach you how to harness the flexibility that those all-powerful ‘Three Cs’ manifest whenever you need to—so that you can move forwards without self-imposed obstacles; learning to adapt, to overcome, to maneuverer; facing challenges with flexibility and confidence.

Finally, my method will unlock one more vital resource: your inspiration. When we talk about wanting motivation, what we really want is inspiration—a fire that burns from within. This dynamic intrinsic force is self-sustaining, which means that it releases you from the need to constantly push against opposing forces. This is the fuel that allowed history’s incredible thought leaders—from Ghandi to Oprah—to pursue their visions. People who are inspired create and generate ideas that can transform the world. Ultimately, when we feel in control, have clarity and confidence, are adaptive, and feel inspired, we begin making better choices. This is where you start to do the right thing for you, and most importantly, this is where the real fun begins!

You have a life story. There is a story behind you and a story in front of you, yet to unfold. Know that your past doesn’t have to define the next chapter—you can! So, step away from quick fixes and create a foundation that will support the life you dream of. Begin your journey toward experiencing my method for yourself today.

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