Master Your Own Story with the Help of a Personal Coach

Did you know that a personal coach can help you achieve your true potential? Whether you need to make improvements to your private or professional life, changing your mental approach to life’s challenges can make a huge difference.

What you have in terms of material possessions shouldn’t be a gauge of your success or happiness in life. You might have a great job, a big house, and a loving family — but that doesn’t mean you’ve achieved your potential and fulfilled your life’s ambitions.

Deep in your heart, do you believe there’s more to life? Are you worried that you settled for someone else’s idea of a great life? If so, personal coaching from a mindset expert could be the key to unlocking your real potential.

Eefke Bodt is a Personal coach and mindset specialist who can transform your life in ways you’ve only ever dreamed of. Want to know more? Read on.

Follow Your Own Path with the Help of Personal Coaching

Regardless of what you’ve already achieved in life, can you honestly say it’s what you hoped for yourself when you first reached adulthood? Are you living out your own fantasy or someone else’s?

Too many people get distracted by what society deems as ‘success’ and ‘fulfillment’. Getting that big promotion might give you more money, but is it what you really want?

They say that money can’t buy happiness — and there’s a lot of truth in that.

But changing your life when you’re comfortable and reasonably content is a big, risky step. It involves the kind of transformation that often feels unattainable — like a fantasy you think about when you can’t sleep at night.

Perhaps you’ve already tried to make changes. You may know exactly where you want to be – but getting there takes a leap of faith. And you’re not sure you have the right mindset for such a challenge.

Once you realize that it’s your own mindset that’s holding you back from achieving your life’s ambitions, making the necessary changes becomes a little easier. And this is where a mindset coach can help.

Unlock the Potential Within Yourself

The key to the life of your dreams is already within you — you just need help finding and using it.

Whether you’re struggling with self-esteem issues or just a lack of confidence, some personal coaching from a mindset expert can unleash your mind’s true potential. Eefke Bodt is a live coach with a proven track record of helping people to overcome mental obstacles in the pursuit of a better life.

We live in a world that makes controlling your own thoughts and emotions a daily grind. But a mindset coach can help you have the last word. Eefke Bodt can show you how to rise above your life-limiting beliefs and thought processes to achieve real freedom. And she’ll do it by giving you the three ‘Cs’:

  • Clarity
  • Control
  • Confidence

Eefke’s Unique approach to mindset and performance involves five levels of being:

  • Spirituality
  • Energy
  • Mind
  • Emotions
  • Physical wellness

By coaching you to make these five levels part of your daily thought process, Eefke can help you create cohesive, systemic change in your life.

But how does this critically acclaimed personal coach achieve such a feat? Through a course of interactive, online modules you can take from the comfort of your own home. Each course consists of the following:

  • Education programs
  • Lectures
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Masterclasses
  • Live coaching

Bringing all of these modules and states of being together, Eefke can empower you to make lasting changes to your life.

Ask Yourself Some Honest Questions

Can you drive permanent change in your life with the help of a mindset coach? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, you’ll benefit from the kind of personal coaching Eefke Bodt specializes in:

  • Do I suffer from stress on a regular basis?
  • Do I long for inner peace and want to stand in my power more often?
  • Do I suffer from limiting thoughts such as ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worth it’, and ‘Who’s waiting for me?’ etc?
  • Am I achieving my true potential?
  • Why am I not achieving what I want in certain areas?
  • How can I really transform on a subconscious level so I can live with more confidence and energy?

Do you recognize yourself in any of these questions? If you do, a Personal coach can help.

Believe in the Science of Personal Coaching

Did you know that 95% of our behavior comes from our subconscious? But what exactly is the subconscious? Well, it’s the part of you that stores the beliefs you’ve developed as a result of your lived experiences.

It’s these subconscious beliefs that are limiting your potential and belief in yourself. There’s also a chance that these beliefs are the cause of your self-sabotaging behavior that holds you back in life.

Eefke Bodt explains how she can set you free from the subconscious beliefs that limit your achievement:

“I make it possible to communicate directly with your subconscious and change your beliefs.

“Your consciousness processes at about 40 bits per second. While your subconscious processes 11 million to four trillion bits per second. This means that if you work for one second on your subconscious automata, you would have to work three days to three full years on the conscious level to achieve the same result.

“Just think how much work you can do with this in an hour!

“Your subconscious mind largely controls your life automatically through previously programmed beliefs and emotions in your life. When you experience obstacles in your life, obstacles in your mind are activated. So by refreshing limiting beliefs and emotions, you overcome the obstacles that hold you back.”

Believe in Yourself

Let Eefke Bodt free you from the subconscious beliefs that make you a prisoner of your own mind. Her mindset and performance courses involve personal coaching designed to change the way you think. Eefke believes in you — it’s time to start believing in yourself.

  • You’re not broken
  • You’re not damaged
  • There’s nothing wrong with you


In many ways, you’re a victim of the life you’ve lived. Your brain is conditioned to operate in accordance with the subconscious beliefs you’ve developed since childhood.

Not convinced? Let Eefke explain the process of mindset coaching through the ‘Three Cs Synergy Pyramid.

The ‘Three Cs’ Synergy Pyramid

The three Cs are the foundation of my Synergy Pyramid:

  • Clarity
  • Control
  • Confidence


You can access these attributes at any time with my help — they’re already within you. Once you know how to access them, you can use them for growth and personal development. Take a close look at my Synergy Pyramid, and you’ll see how the three Cs combine to accelerate personal growth and modify your subconscious beliefs.

Everyone knows there are three sides to every triangle, but what are the three Cs in my Synergy Pyramid?


Control is the most important ‘C’, and it’s something almost everyone yearns for. I’ve made control part of the base of my Synergy Pyramid because it’s the base of personal fulfillment and achievement.


Clarity is vision; it’s knowing everything there is to know about yourself — good and bad. Once you have control over your beliefs, clarity follows.


Confidence is generated when control and clarity come together. This is the final part of my Synergy Triangle, and it’s the ‘C’ that can transform the way you think forever.

Achieving the Synergy Triangle in your life gives you a solid foundation from which to grow and flourish. And when you can control your mind, you can control your body, too.

I’ll show you how to use the principles of my Synergy Triangle to think with clarity when you’re anxious, stressed, or worried. With my personal coaching, you’ll be able to control and clarify your thoughts during the most stressful times of your life — which will give you the confidence you need to succeed.

Improve Your Decision Making

Recent research has shown that we have between 20,000 and 40,000 thoughts per day. On days when our minds are particularly active, we can have as many as 80,000 thoughts. And even on a slow day, our brains are forced to process between 12,000 and 15,000 thoughts.

That’s a heavy workload for anyone’s brain!

With so many decisions to make, thinking with clarity and control is crucial. If you aren’t thinking clearly, you can never be sure that the decisions you’re making are the right ones.

With so much to think about, your decisions might become inconsistent and illogical. But when you can control your thoughts and beliefs, you can make the right decisions at the right times.

So control gives you clarity of thought and, ultimately better decision making. I can show you different ways to gain this kind of control — one of which is breathing.

Gain Control Over Your Thoughts and Decisions with Breathing Techniques

Some of my most cherished mentors taught me some acceleration techniques that quite simply change my life. And I’ve seen these breathing techniques change people’s lives and empower people to help others.

I’ve worked with first responders and emergency workers to improve their breathing. The changes I’ve instigated have helped these people deal with some of the most stressful and challenging jobs in the world.

When you change your breathing, you change your life.

I’ll work with you to put in place a roadmap to a better life. As well as breathing techniques, I’ll teach you how to focus on the three Cs. At the end of my courses, you’ll have achieved the following milestones:


  • The ability to think clearly — and make decisions on that basis
  • The confidence in your decision-making and beliefs you need to fulfill your true potential
  • The confidence to move forward in life
  • The ability to control your thoughts under duress
  • The confidence to take action when it’s needed most

Understand Why You Make the Decisions You Do

Dr. Ellen Langer, a research professional from Harvard University, looked into why and how we make decisions during stressful situations. She discovered that these decisions are influenced by two things:

  • What our parents or authority figures would do
  • What society expects us to do


Making decisions during stressful situations based on these two factors isn’t always the best option. You’re not doing what’s right for you — you’re allowing the beliefs of others to determine your path in life. And that can take you down paths you never dreamed of taking.

I’m a mindset coach who can teach you how to gain clarity and control over your thoughts and decisions. And once I’ve succeeded, you’ll have the confidence you need to create your own life story. And with confidence comes certainty.

When you’ve got the three Cs in place, you can decide with certainty what’s best for you. You can make personal and professional decisions with confidence.

But what does this mean in real life? Well, this is where things get really interesting. Living your life with newfound control and confidence gives you flexibility. And it’s this flexibility that allows you to:

  • Adapt to changing circumstances
  • Overcome new and emerging challenges
  • Maneuver your way around life’s challenges and obstacles
  • Push yourself and test your limits


But there’s more! Once you have clarity, confidence, control, and flexibility, you gain inspiration. The three Cs, along with flexibility, become the source of inspiration you need to push yourself even further and harder. Suddenly, you’re motivated to make the necessary changes in your life

Inspiration is the Key to Self-Fulfilment

A lot of people talk about motivation as the key to making changes and achieving goals. But for me, inspiration is far more important. That’s because inspiration comes from within you. It’s the intrinsic drive that’s perpetually self-sustaining.

When you have inspiration, you make choices that are right for you — and not other people or society in general. You’re able to act flexibly and adapt to changing circumstances. You’re more likely to have a clear idea of your preferred outcomes, which in turn breeds clarity and confidence.

There will be times when you take the wrong path. And that’s fine, as you’ll always be able to call upon your inner store of inspiration for the clarity and confidence to change direction and learn from your mistakes.

Take Inspiration from Others Who’ve Sought Change

Inspiration is a powerful human emotion. You only have to look around the world for examples of how inspiration can achieve change on a global scale.

Take Gandhi, for example. His inspiration was an India free from the scourge of colonialism. Nelson Mandela was inspired by the vision of a free South Africa that enshrined equality for all in law. Both these men achieved colossal, historic change for millions of people. Quite simply, they changed the world.

You’re capable of similar feats. They don’t have to be as spectacular, but to you, they can be equally as life-changing.

You shouldn’t take the blame for the programming that’s held you back all these years. Your subconscious beliefs were ‘given’ to you as a child. You were a sponge for information, but all that information came from other people — and wider society.

Being a sponge as a child is a great thing; it’s how you learn. And throughout childhood, you’re a sponge that’s clean and in great working order. But then you do the dishes. At first, the changes are small… almost unnoticeable. But once you’ve done the dishes many times over several months and years, you start looking a bit tatty and old.

You’re that same sponge today. You’ve been doing the dishes for years, and now you’re worn out and faded. But you’re still absorbing ideas, beliefs, and customs from others. And while such ideas may be shared with the best of intentions, you don’t interpret them correctly.

You’re a sponge for other people’s ideas and beliefs. And it’s time to take control.

By cleansing your mind of other people’s beliefs and ideologies, you can take control of your mind and your body. You’ll eventually start to feel your stress and anxiety levels dropping. Over time, your confidence and clarity will begin to grow — and that’s when you’ll start to make decisions that are right for YOU.

I Have First-Hand Experience of Change

I became a mindset coach because of my own experiences. I’ve been through some horrific episodes in my life. And I’ve made some bad decisions. So when you ask me for personal coaching, you’ll do so in the knowledge that I’ve been on a similar journey.

I’m no different. I’ve embraced the principles of my Synergy Pyramid. I’ve mastered the three Cs, and I’m living proof that they can change lives. Use my life story as inspiration for your personal journey to a new life.

I might be a mindset coach, but I believe that “mind flow” is more important than mindset. You should never impose limits or rules on your through processes, as this can impose limitations on your decision-making.

The famous movie star and martial artist Bruce Lee talked about the principles of mind flow at length. He said that keeping your mind flexible helps you to adapt to ever-changing circumstances — with both your mind and your body.

Bruce Lee believed that self-control comes from clarity and confidence. And when you have an internal store of these traits, you can gain the certainty, flexibility, and inspiration to achieve your wildest dreams.

In essence, Bruce Lee was talking about the three Cs in my Synergy Pyramid. When you embrace these principles, you stop worrying about what might go wrong, and you keep your eyes on the prize. Your sole focus is on the decisions and actions that are going to take you to the next level.

One Final Thought…

You’re in a relationship with yourself.

If you lack control, clarity, and confidence, you can never truly explore that relationship. And if you don’t really understand or project your true self, how can you ever hope to forge successful relationships with others.

Be the master of your own story. You’re the writer, and where your story ends is entirely up to you. Don’t be a subject in your own story, be the master, instead.

Take the first step towards understanding who you are and where you want to go. Book a clarity call with personal coach Eefke Bodt today.