Coaching among nature

Look deep into nature and you’ll understand everything better
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For many people, a walk in nature, or just being outside, is a refreshing way to sort things out. The physical movement combined with the natural beauty of the forest or fields brings people to rest, and brings clarity.

Together we get off the moving train. Away from the environment where signals are constantly being fired at us. Away from the responsibility we bear. Did you know that you can decide 7 times better by listening to yourself, your heart, your feelings?

And that’s what walking coaching is all about: listening to what you feel, to what your body tells you, just like you learn to listen to what nature tells you. And, make no mistake: walking coaching is not a new hype or a “fluffy” way of guidance, no!

Walking coaching is a very effective way to be coached. Walking coaches use extra resources which have already proved their efficiency in many ways. They help us to concentrate, focus and get to our core selves.

  • The focus is 100% on you
  • You get new authentic insights
  • You discover your energy leaks and energy guzzlers
  • To get an overview and develop new insights
  • In order to make a lasting decision or to make a choice
  • To take control, decide which way you want to go

It helps to walk. It gives us room to look at ourselves. It brings us into a flow, into our desires and into new steps. Creativity and new insights are lurking.


The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.



Together we have an intake interview in which we discuss where you are now and what your desired result is. Together we determine the location and the length of your stay in nature. You can choose between 1 or 2 days. With this information I prepare the day and make a program for this day.

The ‘VIP day’ will take place at a beautiful location that will be inspiring for you, so that you will go all the way. There will be a delicious lunch and we will get some fresh air and while walking we will further talk about you, your work or your company.

After this intensive day you will go home inspired and full of energy with many new insights. Ready for the next step. About two weeks after this day, we have a Skype or Zoom call in which we discuss how you are doing and how you are doing. If necessary, we’ll tune your plan. In this session you can ask any questions you have left.


If you have a question or a thought, please call me at +31 (0)6-17554930 or send an email [email protected] You can also leave your details here. Then I’ll contact you.