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Mental coach Eefke Bodt ensures that you will have more time and energy to do what you really want. Grow from stress to serenity, and from doubt to confidence. You. Can. Do. This.

Mental coach & transformation coach for more peace of mind

Video training in which mental coach & transformation coach Eefke Bodt teaches you how to achieve everything(!) you want with a relaxed mind. Now you don’t realize that yet, but it really is possible. You just have to stop with quick fixes (everyone uses them and you can see for yourself that they don’t help).

Success stories from satisfied clients


My Business Success Was Blocked, I Felt Hijacked!

I was trying to establish a business platform, however I felt hijacked and my success was blocked.

Eefke helped me understand what was happening and create a breakthrough.

Her connection with the brain and understanding of the subconscious is a treasure trove of insight that everyone should be aware of. By understanding what’s really happening, I’ve retrained my brain to work for me instead of against me.

John H.

Way Better Than Personal Development Books

I had been reading personal development books for years, and while they did help her to some degree

We’ve identified one extremely powerful block on my first session that had been impacting my life choices for decades.

I felt a mixture of emotions after that session, including relief, joy & clarity.

Since then, major changes have taken place in my life, both personally and professionally.


Today I am more able to make good decisions without much doubt.

I felt my success being blocked, but I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was standing in my way.

Without Eefke’s help I would not have been able to bring up specific memories.

I felt confidence again. And shortly it became clear to myself which direction I had to take. I could make choices without wasting time doubting those choices.

Find your life purpose and maximize your impact

It’s all just not quite right

You have a great job, are an entrepreneur, or a real self-starter. You want to go for it 100%, but something is just off. As a personal coach, I can help you. Do you recognize the following?

  • You often feel tired or frustrated.
  • Making decisions is difficult because you are constantly weighing the pros and cons.
  • Sometimes you numb your feelings, with alcohol, sweets, shopping, or Netflix.
  • You worry about what you could have done differently in certain situations.
  • You prioritize others over yourself.
  • You believe that the critical voice in your head speaks the truth.

Living a relaxed and focused life, without stress or doubts

What does that look like for you:

  • A dream job where you can put your ambition and talents to good use
  • Feeling super energetic instead of sluggish and passive
  • Waking up every morning with a smile and a good mood
  • Effortlessly losing the pounds you want to get rid of
  • Creative solutions that take your project to great heights
  • Breathing new life into your relationships – especially into the relationship with yourself

I know you’ve already tried everything

As a personal coach & transformation coach I see so many people relying on short-term remedies. But short-term remedies like alcohol and overeating aren’t just harmful—they steer you further away from your goal.

‘Oh, is that how it is,’ you think happily after the umpteenth book or webinar about stress and personal development. Obediently you follow the tips. However, those tips are so superficial and general that they are of no use to you.

You may have even hired a coach. You have talked in sessions, about the past, and the present. That didn’t get you any further. Except that you now know ‘how it came to be’.

Knowing what’s going on or talking about it won’t change your bad feelings or negative thoughts. Let alone that it improves your situation.

Actually, it is very simple

The reason you feel so frustrated and tired right now, and that you just can’t achieve what you want, has only one major cause. And believe me, your quest for more confidence and less stress could be over as soon as today.

You are the solution

But first: you are also the problem.

And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about that. Until today, that is.

The reason that you keep getting stuck is because of unconscious patterns. Inner barriers arose as a result of the demands of others. You have tried so hard to meet them that you have internalized them completely. They are programmed into your system. That is not strange. Because that applies to all of us.

Most people want to solve their problems consciously, by thinking about them long and hard. But that’s exactly where it goes awry. You have to address your subconscious instead. That’s where the deeply ingrained patterns and barriers are that bother you so much.

My promise: you will regain control of your life when you change what you think and feel deep down

Full Potential Academy

In 2012, Eefke Bodt was one of the first mental coaches to start her specialized online Full Potential Academy. Thousands of students and clients have already taken part in her training and/or coaching. The FP Academy is the place where self-starters, entrepreneurs, and professionals learn how to overcome their internal barriers and bring the best out of themselves.

Online training and coaching. Video and audio lessons, live Q&A sessions, guided meditations, and visualizations. The FP Academy offers you everything you need for a healthy and focused life without stress or doubts. You will learn how to discover inner barriers and patterns so that you can break through them. The way you think and feel changes thoroughly and you reinvent yourself.

Read more about Eefke Bodt and the FP Academy

Picture this: millions of brain cells create new nerve connections, altering the entire structure of your brain — changing the way you think, feel and act and make your health, relationships, and finances flourish like never before.

Read. Watch. Listen.

Life-changing insights and advice from mental coach Eefke Bodt for more focus, clarity, and peace of mind.

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