Rise above yourself and your circumstances and create the life you long for
and create the life you long for My intention is for you to understand who you are and to start rewriting your story. Everything you need is already inside of you. When you start thinking differently, you start feeling differently. You’ll see and use your full potential. You’ll bring out the best version of yourself. The person the world needs, the leader you are meant to be.
Change your behaviour to get temporary results,
Change your thinking to get permanent results.

It seems like your life is going well. You come across as powerful and confident, seen as a successful person and someone who rarely seems to have any real problems by those around you…
You are probably very adept at hiding away what is really going on inside.

But underneath that successful exterior, you struggle with insecurities and doubts. You feel empty, restless, afraid of losing everything or not being good enough. You are the one always helping and putting others first, often at the expense of your own needs and desires.

This causes you to stagnate and feel stuck, either in your corporate or private life. If you recognize yourself in this description, you probably feel the need to break this cycle. But how?
Whether you are looking for ways to improve your health, grow your business, or increase your life’s happiness, lasting results depend on ‘being you’ and your ability to
consistently take steps in the right direction.

The difference between the dreamers, the doers and those who experience success, peace, confidence, and fulfilment is a difference in mindset.

The mindset you have now has kept you stuck in the past or wants to control the future. Whereas accepting and being comfortable with what’s happening right now is the way to feel calm, happiness and fulfilment.

As a coach, I help you recognize the unconscious patterns that have been holding you back, so you can break them for good. Are you ready to put yourself first, to act and create the transformation you deserve? Using proven techniques, visualizations, meditations, breathing exercises and hypnosis, we change the way you really think about yourself and your belief in what is possible for you. We create an executable plan that encourages you to make the most of yourself and your life.

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Hey, I am Eefke Bodt

I know from experience that the journey from your head to your heart is not an easy one. A few years ago, I was where you are now. I was following the path I thought I was meant to follow. It caused me to achieve external success, but lasting happiness and inner peace were missing. For years, I tried to fit myself into the expectations of others.

After a successful career in the corporate world, I lost everything at both work and personal levels in a short period of time. At that point, I decided it was time to let go of my emotional baggage for good and drastically change my life. That decision set me on a path of personal growth. I learned to make peace with the past and ignited my inner fire of life to be who I really am and do what I really want to do. This does not mean that I am out of the woods, but it does mean that I have the tools to know how to better deal with certain triggers or negative emotions.

There will always be persons and situations on your path that are different from what you wanted, that you must deal with. We think and behave as we are ‘programmed’ (conditioned). But when you listen to your heart, your perspective changes. Life no longer happens to you. You are no longer guided by expectations you impose on yourself but sail your own course. You decide how you let people and situations in, how you deal with them. That doesn’t mean you always have to be strong. Not at all. In my experience, it feels much better, much more powerful to think and act from empathy, kindness, and love.
In my head, I must work my way through the expectations I have of myself, my ego, my judgement and criticism, my negative thinking, the thoughts of whether I am doing my job well enough. Once I sink out of my thinking into my heart, peace, focus, clarity, and fulfilment emerge. And I wish that for everyone.

I am Eefke Bodt, an accredited coach, and my work is based on a wide range of practical, scientifically proven techniques. I also work with energy and spiritual tools, giving us a nice mix to use to guarantee you the best guidance.

As a coach, I am bloody honest. People I have coached before describe me as a genial and warm person. I listen to you, am there for you, but I ask something from you as well. The willingness to go for change and results. Everything starts with you. Your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions create your reality. You are the narrator, protagonist, and observer of your story. When you change your story, you change your life. I can’t wait to help you crack your own codes and finally enjoy who you are.

Discover my story

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You will learn how to:
  • Become aware of your energy (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) and how your energy can affect your life and the lives of others.
  • Live your life from a sense of calmness, clarity, and determination, guided by trust and your intuition.
  • Reverse thoughts and beliefs from limiting to empowering.
  • Be able to see the lessons and opportunities in every situation.
  • Change life from the inside out.

Ways to collaborate

Personal coaching

We all have our own issues. The 1:1 coaching sessions are specifically tailored to your needs and help you grow at every level. I’ll help you focus on the issues affecting you. And I support you to develop into the wonderful person you are meant to be.

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Full Potential Academy

This online academy aims to purposefully take the steps and live the life you are currently dreaming of. Filled with video lessons, audio tracks, breathing techniques, workbooks to program and ready yourself for a life of fulfillment.

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Leadership training

In today’s world more than ever, we need authentic leaders. People who inspire and support others in their growth. Leadership from the heart. Real change starts from within. Are you ready for transformational leadership?

Online shop

In the shop you will find (guided) meditations, visualizations and breathing exercises. To relax, release blockages and feel more comfortable in your own skin.
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Life-changing insights and advice from mental coach Eefke Bodt for more focus, clarity, and peace of mind.

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