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Eefke Bodt Transformatie & Mindset Coach

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“Explore the four steps to connect with your inner self and start a transformative journey

… to discover your hidden potential."

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In the short amount of time I have known Eefke, her coaching and tools have helped me through a few hard spots in my life where its opened my mind and be more conscious and aware of my own thoughts and words. Mainly to myself through self judgment, self sabotage, and self neglect. I have learnt how to deal with the arguments that play out in my head. So grateful to you, Eefke who has always been there to listen and help me with the sometimes unrealistic questions that I've had and given me answers that have made an impact on what I had just asked which has forced me to look at it through a different lens


In this book, you’ll discover four momentous actions to positively recondition your mind and focus on your true purpose.

The Mental & Transformation Coach Book is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a personal growth boost.

 In The Mental & Transformation Coach Book you’ll learn how to fuel your actions with strong beliefs.

  • Many people are bad at accepting gifts and compliments because they are afraid to be perceived as arrogant. However, you’re actually damaging your relationship. Learn why it’s important to accept credit where credit is due.
  • Everyone is a born winner but we fail to accept it. We believe winning is something that requires a lot of effort but in the book you’ll discover that it’s in everyone’s nature.

Your mental and transformation coach Eefke Bodt has spent many years of her training traveling around the world to learn from the best local coaches. After this transformative journey, she’s ready to show you how to recondition your mind.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

The Mental & Transformation Coach Book is the perfect start to connect with your inner self. Dig for the correct mindset and learn how to find the energy to excel at what really matters.