1-on-1 coaching

In this process you will learn to discover the SECRET WEAPON to claim your success, to be calm and centered, to think clearly and feel confident

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Is it the same story every single day?

Do you miss the fun in your life and do you have the feeling that you don’t really live the life you desire?


  • Live on autopilot
  • Lost the stars in your eyes and lead a mediocre life
  • Lost the dreams you had in your mind somewhere along the way
  • Are not even a shadow of the person you would like to be
  • Are constantly fighting with your fears and patterns that keep popping up

How long do you want to continue with this?

Our conscious mind can make decisions to change, but the real change only happens on the unconscious level. Ever decided to lose weight? You determine your goal, prepare your meals, use the right fitness equipment – and still, in the middle of the night you suddenly grab that chocolate bar. That behavior is automatic and not conscious. Only when you align your goals with your unconscious mind, the real change can take place.


  • You could learn to choose different, new behavior at any moment in your life that does not get in the way of you, but actually takes you further?
  • The things you would like to accomplish would simply be available to you?
  • You go through life with much more pleasure and ease and enjoy what it brings you?
  • No more trouble making choices, even if they are not easy?
  • You would no longer put the handbrake on your life?

How would it be if you have someone who watches you, shows you new paths and possibilities, and helps you truly change the reality that is your life? Forever…

If you choose me as a coach, you get:

  • The best of Eastern wisdom and Western ‘common sense’
  • Guidance that really helps you: flawless, crystal clear AND very loving
  • A completely unique and fully custom made process
  • A very good ‘bullshit radar’. You cannot fool me. No excuses!
  • A backpack full of priceless value: life experiences, extensive knowledge and wisdom and a respectful view that has seen the entire world
  • Someone who has tried and tested herself, knows all the tricks and knows which steps will help you from simply surviving to living your life


6 x a 1-on-1 coaching session accustomed to your needs

In addition to the customized coaching you will receive a complete online program to which you can always return after the coaching.

Support with online modules

Literature list & videos for inspiration related to your coaching issue

Each session lasts 1 – 15 hours in which you get my full attention. These sessions are totally focused on YOU and your needs. Every person is different and has a different need for coaching and that is what you will receive from me. These sessions can be done either on a specific location or online.

1 x feedback session with the Myer Briggs Type Indicator® Personality Report


Monthly Q&A’s answering all your questions

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