The curator of chaos, the orchestrator of transformation, and your guide through the dance of personal and professional evolution. Picture a journey that began amidst the structured symphony of corporate life, the dynamic pulse of NGOs, and the untamed rhythm of startup ventures. In the midst of demanding workdays and the maze of aimless living, I discovered my calling. Personal adversity wasn’t a setback; it was the forge for a profound transformation that ignited my passion for unraveling the complexities of life and work.

With roots deeply embedded in Europe, the USA, and Asia, my life and work have been a tapestry woven across diverse continents for over two decades. From the trenches of HR management and the dynamic world of consultancy, I honed my knack for problem-solving and efficiency enhancement. Yet, my true passion lies in the nuanced art of communication, unlocking individual potential, and orchestrating teams into harmonious and powerful units.

The delicate dance between trust and vulnerability became not just a philosophy but the heartbeat of my approach—a realization that these elements are the alchemy for creating not just teams but powerful, courageous, and effective teams. My approach diverges from the one-size-fits-all, embracing a bespoke Training & Coaching methodology meticulously tailored through a comprehensive Needs Analysis.

Acting as a bridge between ambition and behavior, I specialize in setting teams and organizations into dynamic motion. Facilitation isn’t just a skill—it’s a second nature, and collaboration is not an option but a prerequisite. Providing structure and clarity fuels my passion, rooted in a diverse background encompassing HR expertise, managerial experience, and a profound understanding of Agile methodologies across various sectors and organizations.

My purpose echoes in the mantra “Kick the cage open and fly with colors.” Together, fueled by curiosity, courage, and individual strengths, we embark on a transformative journey. My satisfaction is not in the destination but in witnessing clients and their organizations independently navigate the ever-shifting currents of change, understanding that the journey is a perpetual exploration.

Amidst the raw and vulnerable moments of personal setbacks and grief, I found the courage to alter my course, breaking free from the confinements of fight, flight, and freeze modes. The revelation that I was often my own obstacle led me to delve into the layers of identity—unconscious thoughts, automatic programs, and memorized behaviors. Overcoming these routines demands confronting fear, fatigue, and relinquishing control over thoughts.

From my earliest days as a highly sensitive individual, I’ve been captivated by the symphony of human motivations. Sensing others’ struggles and intuitions, I discovered the strength in my sensitivity. Over the years, I’ve stood beside over a thousand CEOs, executives, teams, and entrepreneurs globally, not just coaching them in personal leadership but helping them claim their lives and businesses.

My unique ability lies in seamlessly blending professional insights with my personal transformation. I see systems and processes through a lens that resonates with people, unveiling opportunities where they might not see them. Continuously enriched through global training with the foremost experts, I’ve gleaned lessons from the best to become the best. As a coach, advisor, mentor, and teacher, I’ve contributed to others’ growth, recognizing a shared pattern among those I’ve supported—a pattern I’ve lived through personally, navigating challenges and staying consistent to be at my best.


Certified NeuroCoach & NeuroLeadership

Certified NLP Master and Post Master Practitioner

Certified Motivational Coach and  Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach



Experienced in working with diverse cultures



Reached to clients in the 4 corners of the world



Over 500 executives, leaders, and athletes impacted

Facts about Eefke

Sailor at Heart

Catch me chasing waves and embarking on sailing adventures, where I like to imagine I’m the captain of my own pint-sized seaworthy vessel.

Cat Whisperer

When I’m not navigating the high seas, you’ll likely find me chilling with my two fabulous feline companions. We dive deep into the latest catnip trends and ponder the profound mysteries of “cat life.”

Possibility Aficionado

I’m not just an optimist; I’m a full-blown possibility seeker. If life hands me lemons, you can bet I’m searching for the tequila and salt to turn it into a party.

Fashionably Fearless

The pinnacle of liberation in my life? Overcoming my “fear” of woolly spiriwiri. Now, I live fully from my six senses, proudly donning tiger prints instead of mundane goat wool socks. Who knew fashion could be so liberating?

Trailblazing My Path

I’ve always danced to my own beat, often feeling like the black sheep, and you know what? I’ve grown to love it. Because, truth be told, my path is the right one, even if it seems a tad illogical at times. I embrace failure because, trust me, it always paves the way for success. And guess what? I want the same for you!

Energetic Dynamo

Sure, I may lean toward introversion, but work with me, and you’ll witness an energetic bouncy ball, especially when delving into matters of the heart. The risk? You might just leave our collaboration with the door bouncing with energy.

Firewalking Marvel

One of my colossal “aha” moments? The firewalk with Tony Robbins. Barefoot over scorching coals taught me that your head often gets in the way if you don’t dare. Turns out, we’re capable of way more than we give ourselves credit for. Yes, you can even strut across hot coals in tiger print socks!

Boxing Buff and Yoga Enthusiast

To keep my energy levels soaring, I throw punches in intense High-Intensity Training (HIIT) sessions, led by my private trainer in the art of boxing. Every now and then, I balance the intensity with a yoga session, fostering a deeper mind-body connection and welcoming the satisfying ache of well-worked muscles. Do I always leap out of bed with excitement? Not exactly. Yet, the post-training euphoria reassures me that every bead of sweat is a small investment for the immense joy that follows.

Fear to Freedom Expedition

Once haunted by underlying fear and anxiety, feeling unworthy and isolated, I transformed. A motorcycle accident in Vietnam challenged me, took over six months to recover, but I emerged stronger, still learning, making mistakes, falling, and rising again.

Zen from Upset

Meditation entered my life when a friend sensed my distress. After a hesitant start, it became a surprising source of peace. Fast forward, and I didn’t just become a meditation enthusiast—I embraced monk mode. Now, I share those zen vibes with anyone who crosses my path.

Passionate Blockage Alchemist

Need help transforming your blockages? I’m here with a blend of passion, integrity, wisdom, and expertise. I’m not just your guide; I’m on this journey with you, clearing my own blockages and elevating my energetic vibes every single day. Because, let’s face it, life’s a journey, and we’re all in it together!

Forge a Path to Your Optimal Self with Our Collaborative Effort

Harmonizing Teams

In the realm of team alignment, I work side by side with your team to cultivate cohesion and shared goals. Together, we create a unified force, ensuring everyone is on the same page and contributing their best.

Individual Coaching for Excellence

For individuals seeking personal growth, my coaching is a catalyst for success. I guide you to maintain focus on impactful results and prioritize what truly matters. Together, we uncover your purpose, breathing new life into your journey for enhanced performance.

Continuous Evolution

In the ever-changing landscape of professional development, I offer a comprehensive plan designed to transform minds and bodies. This is not just about improvement; it’s about continuous learning and growth for both individuals and the collective team.

Balance for Well-being

Navigating the demands of a dynamic world, I provide the tools for finding balance. Whether for individuals or the entire team, happiness and well-being become cornerstones. I empower you to reduce stress, creating the ideal foundation for success as you collectively push boundaries.

Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey, aligning teams and nurturing individual growth for a harmonious and successful future.