A Guide to Burnout: What Is it and How Do I Beat It?

The term ‘burnout’ is used with increasing these days, but what does it really mean? And is there anything you can do about it? The good news is that there are mental and mindset techniques that can address the root causes of burnout. The first step towards recovery is identifying the signs in yourself and admitting you’re a sufferer.

What Is Burnout?

The demands modern life places on us have never been greater. We’re under constant pressure to work harder, achieve better results and stretch ourselves to breaking point. Unfortunately, living up to these expectations and living life according to the belief systems of our influencers places us under enormous mental strain.

Over time, we become mentally and physically exhausted. Some become alienated from those closest to them — and even life itself. Eventually, our performance at work, our relationships and our overall quality begin to decline. Burnout is the manifestation of the constant need to perform and exceed the expectations of others.

People with serious burnout may struggle to perform the most basic tasks — both at home and at work. They often feel like they’re constantly playing catch-up. The desire to achieve at all costs eventually becomes counterproductive. And so the cycle continues.

But there is hope. You can beat burnout by making wholesale changes to your life. And when that doesn’t work, there are mental techniques and mindset changes that can banish this debilitating condition for good.

Simple Ways to Beat Burnout

There are a few simple quick fixes you can implement to beat burnout. While these will only work in mild cases, they can deliver quick results if you commit to them.

1. Improve Your Sleep Quality

Aim for at least seven hours of sleep a day. Stick to a sleeping pattern if you can, and remove all distractions and stimuli from your bedroom. Sleeping well on a consistent basis is a great way to improve your burnout symptoms.

2. Eat Better

Think of food as fuel for your body. The better the quality, the better your body and mind are going to perform. A nutritious, well-balanced diet can help you cope with stress more effectively. Eats lots of fresh vegetables and leafy greens to increase your serotonin levels. And consume lots of foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as they’re vital in maintaining your concentration levels.

3. Take a Break

It might seem like a simple piece of advice, but far too many people don’t even consider taking a break from the life that’s making them ill. If you think work is at the heart of your burnout, a simple vacation might help — but only temporarily. If there’s a systemic problem with the way your work, you might need to consider the possibility that you’re not on the right career path.

4. Exercise

Burnout is a vicious cycle. You feel too tired to exercise at the end of a long day, so you choose more sedentary activities. But this, in the long run, makes you even more lethargic and fatigued. Try to make exercise part of your everyday routine — and not an activity to be dreaded. Make small changes to your lifestyle, such as working to work, using stairs instead of elevators and getting involved in social sporting activities such as tennis or golf.

5. Rely on Your Support Network

Don’t bottle up the symptoms of your burnout. Talk to the people closest to you about how you feel. Ask for help or advice from people who’ve experienced burnout. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is often a tonic, but at the very least, it’s a start on the journey to recovery.

6. Seek Help from a Mindset Coach

Your work and home life may be the direct causes of your burnout — but they’re probably not the root cause. For that, you have to look deep within yourself. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why do you think the way you think?
  • Do you allow the beliefs of others to influence your decisions and thought processes?
  • Why do you react to events in the way you do?
  • Are you true to your authentic self?

Too many of us feel forced down a path we would never have actively chosen for ourselves. This usually happens when your beliefs and mindset are being influenced by others. If you can break free from that way of thinking, you can break free from burnout.

Eefke Bodt is a critically acclaimed mindset coach. She can help you find the answers to the questions above. And she can teach you various techniques designed to change your mindset for good. Once you become a truer version of yourself, you’ll be able to stop burnout from happening — regardless of events and occurrences in your life.

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