The Team Alignment Method™

– when TeamWork runs like clock-work


regarding outcome, kpi’s, processes and tasks


of different cultures and personalities


To be more effective and efficient


transform your team for at least 30 % more alignment

The 5 most common problems when TeamWork does NOT work:

  • Not knowing what’s expected of the individuals: No clarity on the tasks at hand and the intended outcome
  • Not having the right people in the right positions: Mis-alignment of roles, positions, tasks, talents and strengths.
  • Not knowing how to deal with different personalities, cultures and mindsets.
  • Not understanding the company’s direction: Lack of clear KPI’s.
  • Not knowing or understanding the company’s mission and the why behind it.

Eefke Bodt

Has been working as a mental and transformation coach for the past 23 years and has helped dozens of companies align their team, culture change and create teamwork that works like clock-work.
She offer guidance on Culture Upgrades consisting of deep change (becoming aware of unhelpful patterns and replacing them with constructive new insights), wide change (continuously creating new micro-habits – as simple, practical, and as hands-on as it can get), and systemic change (processes, systems, and structures that enable or disable the wanted change).

Eefke has a diverse range of experiences – in NGOs and businesses – and offer the knowledge that comes from many years of making things happen, working with people in different contexts worldwide, understanding how the world and issues look from where others are.

Eefke is affiliated to the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and The International Coach Federation (ICF), recognized Continuous Improvement Team consultant, 4d lean, lean six sigma, Search Inside Yourself from google, IDEO U, MBTI, Board Certified Coach (BCC), NLP expert

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As Part Of Our Work Together…

You Agree To:
  • Show up to our scheduled meetings and trainings
  • Be open to learn our proven method
  • Communicate issues and questions immediately
  • Apply and test what we show you
We Agree To:
  • Do a diligent deep dive into your team members, processes, tasks and intended outcome
  • Analyze the gap between what is and the intended outcome
  • Consult you on improvement potential immediately
  • Train you and your team to apply our Team Alignment Method™
  • Teach you and your team individual tools for improving KPI’s and alignment
  • Accompany you in the process of installing the Team Alignment
    Method into your company for sustainable team progress

Here’s an Outline of the Process:


Who’s on the team or directly involved, what works, what doesn’t, what strengths are needed where


Define the intended outcome and set clear and measurable KPI’s


Create a mutual understanding of the why’s and how’s of different personalities & cultures


Train your team with individual communication alignment tools


Define the process for each team member and get everybody on the same page


Use our progress tracker and get milestones accomplished. Finetune your team’s alignment, create sustainable results

Let’s Get Started Today!

  • Deep dive analysis of your team dynamics and components
  • 1:1 strategy and process consulting
  • Training and coaching on the Team Alignment Method™
  • Training on individual communication cools
  • Implementing the action plan with you
  • 30 % more Team alignment GUARANTEED

Here’s what’s included:

  • Deep dive analysis of your team dynamics and components
  • 1:1 strategy and process consulting
  • Training and coaching on the Team Alignment Method™
  • Training on individual communication cools
  • Implementing the action plan with you
  • 30 % more Team alignment GUARANTEED
Book a quick brainstorm call to see if our proven process is a good fit for you.

On the call we will

  1. Get to know you and your business
  2. Evaluate the score of your current team alignment
  3. Find out if our Team Alignment Method™ is a good fit for your team goals

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

We use a progress tracker with measurable KPI’s when working with our clients. We guarantee your team will be at least 30 % more aligned (within the metrics we define together) after working with us or we’ll work with you until you do. As long as you’re open, friendly, coachable and implementing 100 % of the suggested actions, we guarantee that you will get results from our process.

What People Are Saying About Our Work Together:

David J, Mexico and Usa

At the end of 2022, we asked Eefke to help guide us with a development program for a large group of our employees in our Manufacturing organization. We recognized the need to change, as a lot of energy and attention was paid to “the process,” while the “I” and the “we” factor were, in our eyes, insufficiently highlighted and underdeveloped. Here, too, a culture change was necessary.

After several constructive discussions, Eefke helped us design and implement an effective development program in which we focused on the personal development of management, middle management, and numerous specialists (+/- 75FTE). After a competency-based assessment linked to clearly defined desired behavior, we started training and coaching in groups, and at the individual level to improve and strengthen competencies.

This entire process of design, development, assessment, training and personal coaching was arranged and supervised by Eefke, like a spider masterfully pulling all the threads of a web. I have come to know Eefke as a professional who intimately understands the intricacies of her chosen career. Because of her knowledge and experience, Eefke has become a vital resource for the board and management, and her experience as a coach means she has been a great motivator for all employees. Working with Eefke has helped our production and distribution organization get moving again, and it is fantastic to see talent develop.

What is striking about Eefke is her direct, down-to-earth and pleasant way of communicating. She is decisive in her actions, gets to the core of issues, and is able to find pragmatic and effective solutions. With an acute business acumen and a very people-oriented attitude, she shifts gears quickly while maintaining quality. Eefke does not walk the standard path and sees opportunities and solutions that others do not see, giving beautiful and unexpected results.

Simon, Denim Factory, Vietnam

Eefke helped us build a framework to grow as a team and business.

She was a master at dealing with the different personalities in our team and adjusting the process and exercises when needed. She has a keen insight into the human aspects and provides effective and constructive solutions. Eefke knows how to get to the core quickly, whether it is personal, situational or a business issue. She really unleash the potential of your team.

We have set up a structure that supports my leadership style, the culture of my company. We have tailormade a structure that makes it possible to get the best out of everyone.

Eefke is disarming, and by asking the right questions, knows how to make people see their full potential. At management level, Eefke is someone who knows how to inspire and motivate. Using her innate and boundless energy, she gathers people around her and binds them to her.

She is honest and quick-thinking. Her great sense of humor not only breaks thick packs of ice, but also puts things into perspective. She has a sharp and pure vision and knows how to present it in a professional and original way.

Eefke has been a big help for our team and our organization.