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Gezien in -Eefke Bodt

See if this sounds familiar…

No matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to reach your full potential, despite seeing others around you achieve their goals…
And despite your best efforts, you’re stuck in a constant loop of planning, visualising and developing – but never achieving. What’s more…

  • You don’t feel totally alive
  • You repeat the same patterns, and don’t know how to get rid of them
  • And you’re faced by roadblock after roadblock.

If you can relate to any of these issues, then you’re going to love the Iceberg Method because it succeeds where others approaches fail because it allows you to see the useable…

And by doing this, you’ll almost automatically debug faulty thinking, abolish bad habits, and make anxiety, depression and negative thoughts disappear – faster than you ever dreamed possible.

My name is Eefke Bodt, and I didn’t discover this by chance.

As a child, my primary school teacher labelled me as stupid and incapable of learning, which not only crushed my self-esteem but also impacted the way other people saw me.

I internalised those messages until they became my beliefs. I felt misunderstood and judged by others before I’d even opened my mouth.

Alongside those emotional issues I also struggled with what I now know is dyslexia.

Despite this, I was driven… and I thrived when I entered the workforce.

To the outside observer I had it all – a high-flying job with the salary to match, a house most people only dream of, a top-of-the-range car, and a fantastic social life. However, beneath the surface I was struggling. I had all the trappings of success but no one to share them with and no sense of purpose in my life. Then my mother died, and she was my rock. Years later, at the age of 39, my father and my only sister also passed away within a short space of time. Following this…

I Got Fired From My Job, and Fell into a Black Hole

I felt empty inside. It was a very dark chapter in my life. I couldn’t live up to the expectations of the outside world any longer.

I wanted to find out who I was and what I really wanted. So I left for Asia, and ended up in a monastery in Tibet, hoping to find the strength and wisdom within myself to live the life that suited me.

That was tough, but I followed courses for 8 years with the best trainers in the world before one day waking up at 3am in the morning, thinking about all the techniques I’d unearthed on my journey.

I thought about all the mental, emotional and spiritual techniques I’d tested and what was good and bad about them. Then I melded them together and used them to make my own. Except I added a “certain something” and finally freed myself from the shackles that had kept me from feeling completely free for so long. I do not take credit for discovering this. It is just something that came to me that night, something so powerful that…

It Literally Jolted Me Out of My Sleep!

Make no mistake about it, the Iceberg Method works where other approaches fail. Since that time, I’ve tested it with dozens of my students including…

My Business Success Was Blocked, I Felt Hijacked!

I was trying to establish a business platform, however I felt hijacked and my success was blocked.

Eefke helped me understand what was happening and create a breakthrough.

Her connection with the brain and understanding of the subconscious is a treasure trove of insight that everyone should be aware of. By understanding what’s really happening, I’ve retrained my brain to work for me instead of against me, and have


Way Better Than Personal Development Books

I had been reading personal development books for years, and while they did help her to some degree…
On my first session we identified one extremely powerful block that had been impacting my life choices for decades.
I felt a mixture of emotions after that session, including relief, joy & clarity.
And since then, I have CHANGES MADE IN HER LIFE.

John H

I Now Make Better Decisions, With Less Hesitation

I was feeling blocked in my success and wasn’t sure what was in my way.
I would have never mined out the specific memories without the help of Eefke.
I felt renewed confidence immediately, and then over time noticed more clarity in what direction I wanted to go, and less hesitation when taking action


As a coach, I am committed to helping people all over the world to overcome their mental barriers. The unique formula for my success is a no-bullshit approach combined with decades of experience with various Eastern and Western therapies.

During an intake we will discuss what is the best path for you to achieve your objectives.

For the past 10 years, I have been trained by the best in my field worldwide, See my credentials treating clients who struggled with all sorts of issues including:

  • Succeeding in your career
  • Starting or growing a business
  • Finding or improving a relationship
  • Losing weight, and improving health
  • Regaining motivation and confidence
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Dealing with a traumatic experience
  • Anger management
  • Fears and phobias

How can I help you?

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The secrets to reconditioning your mind. “Explore the four steps to connect with your inner self and start a transformative journey… to discover your hidden potential.”

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Suppose you:

  • would no longer doubt yourself, even if it is not that easy for a while
  • feel a deep peace in yourself and go through life confidently and relaxed
  • know exactly what you want, how you can achieve it and actually do it
  • no longer be discouraged by moods, demons and patterns
  • always find the answers in yourself and have control over your own life

What would happen if you became a master of your own thoughts?

Then this happens:

You get out of bed, rested and ready for a new day. No idea what this one will bring to you, but you are looking forward to it. Already. Because you feel free, live from within and enjoy every day. Even if things go wrong. What a glory!

I am Eefke and I can move mountains. For you too. I will go through the fire for you and do everything to get you back on your path. But I can’t do it without you.

Above all, I will be a clear mirror with a big heart and have a desire to get you on the path that is waiting for you.

Together we discover how you think and use your thinking process to free yourself from the barriers and obstacles that constantly hinder your progress. There is a simple, proven, fast and effective way to make changes – I will show you how to use them to create the life you’ve been waiting for.

Why Eefke?

  • Eight years in Asia and because of that, I can effortlessly apply the best of Oriental wisdom mixed with a down to earth Western mindset
  • No-nonsense coaching, razor-sharp and flawless, but loving. No silence with Eefke.
  • Always support that suits you: conversations, online training and the possibility of “SOS-WhatsApp”.
  • Broad international sense and, therefore, customers from all over the world.
  • Authentic, very personal and yes, a bit of a crazy way of coaching.

What do clients say about Eefke

‘I always thought I could manage myself. Yet I noticed that I kept running into a persistent blockage. That is why I decided to call in Eefke's help. It immediately felt familiar. Already in the first conversation we could tackle this conditioning together. I felt so relieved! Eefke is honest and says what it is all about. She doesn't make things prettier than they are. Thanks to her no-nonsense way of coaching combined with her calm and warm character, I dared to open up. Thank you Eefke for this life-changing experience!’

Kasia KrasuckaDenmark

‘I came to Eefke because I struggled with low self-esteem and fear of standing in my strength. During the coaching, Eefke gave me the confidence to take those steps to achieve what I want in life. The life I have always dreamed of. I can rightly say that Eefke's coaching and her practical and inspiring program has changed my life!’

Ms. NgyuenVietnam

‘'I was quite a procrastinator. And no one managed to break through my entrenched patterns of thought. Eefke did. My life has really turned 180 degrees, I now dare to stand up for myself, am able to maintain better relations and... my procrastination is gone! Eefke, I am convinced that without you I would never have been able to achieve this'.’

Daniel MeyerNetherlands
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